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Letter from the President

Anybody who knows me well would not deny that I am a wine lover and a good drinker. At first what I loved most was the pleasure and unrestrained feelings wines brought; as time goes by, however, its flavor and charm begin to take the upper hand, thus my interest goes from liquor to varied types of wines.

Despite what doctors recommend and where fashion led us, many people are still at loss as to how to choose or appreciate wines. I, myself, too, had to follow other people despite my participation in many wine-tasting tutorials.

Fortunately, things changed when Mr. Jack Sakazaki, my old Japanese friend who has settled down in Napa, the well-known home of wines, came to Beijing the other day, and -- of course, brought with him several bottles of wine.

On a beautiful evening, Jack led me and several other friends on a pleasant journey of learning about and experiencing wines just like typical Japanese tea ceremonies. We learned about all the manner and matter of wines, their history and present state, their tradition and development, their similarities and differences, as well as their beauty and flavor. Never had I such an enchanting introductory course on wines, nor have I been so eager in learning.

Surely, I became the first Chinese member to Jack’s wine club, The 90 Plus Wine Club, and I sincerely hope that he could introduce to Beijing this particular wine-experience, thus benefiting more wine-lovers. Now the establishment of 90 Plus Wine Club China (90 Plus China) would be a perfect platform for us, the wine-lovers to communicate.

Just as a mountain does not need to be the highest to be famous; wines do not need to be expensive to be good. As the core doctrine of Zen Buddhism goes, there is no reliance on written scripts, it goes straight into people’s minds; it is the same with wines: we have to constantly feel, enjoy and appreciate wines both physically and spiritually. The establishment of this 90 Plus China provides just the opportunities and convenience we need.

Appreciating wines while reading, it's like having a drink with the ancient, with heaven and earth. This is what some of my friends and I have always been pursuing. Let's try our best to make this happen, and extend to more friends the pleasure and happiness in wines.

Ladies and gentlemen, life is but a span, let's discard all our worldly worries and enjoy wines to our heart's content!

Hongwei Liu Chairman, 90 Plus Wine Club China Dec 2011, Beijing
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